How to Measure Pillows / Sizing Guide

1. Remove pillow insert from pillow cover
2. Lay pillow cover on a flat surface
3. Measure pillow cover from end to end
4. Take note of your measurements. Custom sizing can be made for off-sized pillows.

All of our pillow covers are made to the specific size selected. If a 20x20 pillow cover is selected, you will receive a finished 20x20 pillow cover.

We recommend obtaining a pillow insert 2" larger than your pillow cover size to ensure the corners are well filled. This will also provide a fuller look, which is perfect for Karate Chopping.
Pillow Shown Above:
20x20 Sized Canary Yellow Velvet Pillow Cover filled with a 22x22, 50/50 Down/Feather Pillow Insert

Pillow Cover Size Recommended Pillow Insert Size
16x16 18x18
18x18 20x20
20x20 22x22
22x22 24x24
24x24 26x26
26x26 28x28
28x28 30x30
30x30 32x32
12x18 14x20
12x20 14x22
12x24 14x26
12x36 14x38
14x18 16x20
14x20 16x22
14x24 16x26
14x36 16x38
16x20 18x22
16x24 18x26
16x38 18x40
20x36 22x38

For assistance with measurements, please contact us: